Since January 2020 it’s possible to rent all the necessary items that your project needs at Quite Right
Rental. In addition, we can also provide 24/7 service for the rented items. Tools and personal
protective equipment can also be rented.
Here is a selection of our products;
– Temporary office facilities;
– Toilet and shower units;
– Septic tanks and water supplies;
– Office supplies;
– Aerial work platforms, generators, scissor lifts, construction dryers, temporary construction lighting;
– PGS 15 (cosh containers) containers;
– Fire extinguishers, explosion and gas testers;
– AED, First ais kits, stretchers;

Electric tools (including grinders, impact tolls, screw machines, saws, construction lights).
Quite Right Rental has a large stock of power tools and machines. We can supply the right type of tools from top brands such as Makita for every job. All our power tools and machines are tested according to NEN3140.
We are also a unique supplier of all kinds of aluminium extension cables and other power supplies.
You can also rent various hand tools from us. We have the right type of tools available for every job.
Naturally, we only supply A-brands here as well. We are a dealer for several major brands of tools including Makita.
We supply various types of safety equipment (personal protective equipment) from top brands. All our safety equipment is fully inspected and re-tested after each rental.

“Safety is not a luxury! Industrial accidents are irreversible.”